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New Stuff is online, especially Turbo Grafx, and some nes and more!!!!!


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Dealextreme is a really great place to get inexpensive video game products, memory cards, replacement ps3 lasers, controllers, AV cables, batteries, any crazy accessory you could think of, and the prices are amazing, and there is free shipping,  so on and so forth...

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I have a blog at My Blog!

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Please make sure to click the top links at the top for the old school goodness!

 I also like to talk about video gaming, and I can be reached for some troubleshooting, or questions, thanks!




Magical Chase for Turbo Grafx or PC Engine, Jacky Chan, Neutopia , bonk 3, order of the griffon, chew man fu, gunboat complete, super star soldier complete, parasol stars, turbo grafx boxes, manuals or related NEC merchandise or whatever!

 Any PC Engine stuff...

NES: Nightmare on Elm Street,  nintendo world championship, any old game boxes

SNES: Final Fight Guy, Earthbound, Dr Mario/ Tetris, old game boxes

Genesis:  Any of the Splatterhouse series...castlavania bloodlines, moonwalker, action 52, aerobiz, cases

Neo Geo: any games, and controllers, CDZ system as well....ANYTHING!

Dreamcast microphone, typing of the dead, and keyboard

Almost anything that is light gun

Also, I really like rare, strange, limited release, multiple games on single carts, Asian, or European titles, and strange accessories!!


Thanks for looking!

John Beck System

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